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Arrowhead Golf Course Venue Interview

I am so excited to have a few denver wedding venue’s do this interview this year. Today we have Kiersten from Arrowhead Golf Course. Arrowhead is such a stunning denver wedding venue and one I highly recommend looking into for a wedding! But if you just need tips for finding the right wedding venue Kiersten offers some great advice too!
Arrowhead Golf Course Wedding Photos by Denver Wedding Photographer

Before I take the time out of my busy schedule to tour a venue what should I look for online or in contacting a venue?

  • I would suggest asking for venue capacity, availability, and an itemized pricing sample. You will need a better understanding of what to expect financially if you are budget conscientious (who isn’t?).  There is no point in visiting venues that are not in alignment with your financial needs.

It seems many venue’s have multiple weddings a day, what happens if one wedding crosses into the time of another wedding, I don’t want this to happen on my wedding?

  • The venue will have the wedding schedules logistically down to a science. Be prepared to ask questions like: Will there be designated parking areas and wedding signage displayed? Will the restrooms for each venue be private & separate? Will the ceremony space be shared? Venues understand that this is YOUR special day and you don’t want to see another wedding taking place. We do everything in our power to make sure you feel special and well taken care of.

To find a good venue what should my ideal budget be?

  • Arrowhead is the kind of venue where overall cost will be dependent on your specific food and beverage preferences. A venue that includes catering in their packages (as we do) cannot give you a good estimation until we have a better understanding of your catering preferences:
    • Alcohol preferences:
      • Open bar versus cash
    • Food preferences:
      • Do you care to offer appetizers to your guests during cocktail hour? If so, do you prefer stations or tray-passed?
      • Do you have lavish or low-key tastes for your entrée selections?
      • Once the venue has a better idea of your catering needs, we can steer your requests towards the best pricing possible for your wants. This might mean even mean directing brides to host their weddings during Off-Peak times to keep costs down.

How do I separate the right venue for me from all the rest?

  • Visit many venues! The only way to make an educated decision on a wedding venue is to shop around and see which venue keeps popping out in your mind. Each venue will have their own set of pros and cons. It’s up to a bride and groom to navigate their way through the feelings. Which venue is going to give you the most beautiful photos? Can we afford this venue in addition to all of our personal décor and catering needs? Who do I most enjoy working with so far in the venue shopping process?  

When meeting with or contacting a venue what is one question I should ask them and why?

  • “Are we required to use your vendors?” If a bride and groom are required to use vendors from a preferred list, the venue might have partnerships in place where the venue is being commissioned for requiring brides and grooms to use vendors from their list. Venues should keep their lists open and fair so the best vendors are being recommended. Brides and grooms should be able to work with vendors who they connect with, not a person who has been predetermined.  

 What makes your venue stand apart from other venues?

  • Arrowhead’s views are Denver’s best kept secret, a hidden gem that literally can take a person’s breath away. The rocky mountain flat irons add magic, excitement, and richness to a wedding day in ways that other venues simply cannot.  

This is the one day I want to go perfectly, any simple advice?

  • Be attached to the special intentions behind your day and the power of your relationship with the partner of your dreams. Do not be attached to the weather or the day-of details that are out of your control. Remind yourself that all these guests, friends, and family members are here to celebrate your relationship’s new chapter, so soak in that goodness while you say your ‘hellos.’

Arrowhead Golf Course Wedding Photos, rustic mountain theme wedding, by Denver Wedding Photographer



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