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Last year I did these interview with a few wedding vendors. My goal in doing these interviews is to give you brides a direct easy contact with real local denver wedding vendors without having to set up a million meetings to get the right info you need. Also, this is a great way for me to share some wonderful vendors that you should consider working with as you are planning your Colorado wedding! Today’s interview is with Steele the Spotlight Make Up Artist Keegan Steele.

choosing the right makeup artist denver wedding photographer

choosing the right makeup artist denver wedding photographer

Do I really need to hire a make up artist for my wedding day, I’ve been doing my own make up for over 15 years?

  • YES! It’s very important to hire a professional Makeup Artist day of your wedding for 3 big reasons. First, is the makeup applied by a professional is different because they will understand lighting and photography, your daily makeup most likely won’t be as good for photography. Second, is the product! A good Makeup Artist will have waterproof everything in there kit. They will know the best products to use on you that will last a full 8+ hour day and still look amazing by the end of the night. Good Makeup Artists stay current with trends and are always up to date on the best and newest products on the market. They will have access to a lot more things the day of your wedding than what you normally have in your daily makeup bag. Third, is to RELAX … it’s your BIG day, a day to be pampered and feel amazing about yourself! It’s a busy day and it’s so nice to have that hour where you can just sit in the chair and not worry about if you eyeliner is going to come out perfect that day or if your going to be able to blend your shadow as good as you did last week. It’s a guarantee that you will look flawless for all your photos! The first thing your going to want to do is blow up your wedding photos on a canvas and hang them in your house. You want to make sure you look amazing in them and hiring the right Makeup Artist will ensure that!

How long should I plan to have my make up?

  • I would say plan on about an hour for the Bride and about 30-40 minutes per Bridesmaid/MOG/MOB

Should I do a trial run with my make-up artist?

  • Absolutely! You want to make sure you feel very comfortable with the Makeup Artist and the look you both choose before the wedding day! Just because they say they are a professional doesn’t mean they are. You want to meet them, like them and like there work on you! A great Makeup Artist will ask you to come to your trial with your daily makeup on! Sounds weird but they don’t know you so this will give them a great idea of what you look like everyday! This will help in creating the perfect wedding look for you!

To find a good make up artistwhat should my ideal budget be?

  • This is one of those questions I get a lot and I honestly think you get what you pay for here. In Colorado I would say $150-$250 is probably what you will be looking to pay for day of makeup and a trail run. I think that is a very small cost in comparison to your photographer, one of the higher ticket and very important vendors. You want to look amazing in those photos.

How do I separate the right make up artistfor me from all the rest?

  • I’m a firm believer in personality matches, me personally I would want to have some sort of connection with the Artist. Ask questions! It’s so important to e-mail them or call and ask .. How many weddings do you do a year ? If they say 8 maybe keeping calling around, if they say 40 + then they probably know what they are doing. Check out there online reviews and see how recent they are. Do your homework to make sure your getting a true professional. Make sure they have a professional kit by asking what products they like to use! Anyone can claim they are a Makeup Artist so it’s important to take the time to ask questions. That is also why I highly recommend doing a trail run! I think if you like them and there work on you then it’s a great fit! Also ask your photographer for referrals, chances are they know a great one and have seen there work first hand so you know your getting someone great and well qualified!

When meeting with or contacting a make up artist what is one question I should ask them and why?

  • Kinda of a recap from the last question. Ask how many weddings they do a year? This will tell you if it’s a career for them or a side job. Ask how many girls they are capable of doing? So you know if that will work for your wedding.

What makes your business stand apart from other make up artists?

  • I would say my experience, I have been doing makeup for about 10 years and specializing in weddings for the last three. I’m originally from Calabasas, California, so I worked in Los Angles almost my whole career up until I moved to Colorado and started a Bridal business “Steele The Spotlight” 3 years ago. I think I have a lot of knowledge about lighting from working on so many commercials,music videos and runways. Teaching me how that translates to camera and how much or what kinds of makeup should be used. Weddings are a fine line between wearing enough for camera but not so much people think you look like a cake face in person. I think it’s great that Steele The Spotlight just specializes in Makeup so you know your getting the best of the best! Sometimes it seems like a pain to hire another vendor for hair but then you know your getting the best for hair and the best for makeup. Each who specialize in there craft. It can also help with timing having two company’s there switching girls back and forth instead of one person trying to do everything.

This is the one day I want to go perfectly, any simple advice?

  • Hire vendors who are on there game! Vendors who seems excited to be part of your big day and excited about what they specialize in. Don’t over stress yourself you want to look back and remember enjoying your day not how stressful it was. Hiring the right vendors will help make sure your day goes as smooth as possible. When you wake up on the day of your wedding take a deep breathe and be excited, you did everything you could to prepare and make this day perfect now just relax and enjoy it, what happens happens in the end it will all make an amazing story to tell!

If you like what you hear about Steele the Spotlight, head on over to Keegan’s website to learn more about what she offers brides:Steele the Spotlight Make Up Artist Keegan Steele

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