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Wedding Ideas #1 {Donate Wedding Flowers} | Denver Wedding Photographer | Vintage Wedding Photography

It is that time of year when most brides begin their planning and are wanting some unique wedding ideas. In planning a wedding you can be over loaded with wedding ideas but you can honestly never get enough. Sigh, its kinda like crack. haha.
So, I want to begin by weekly sharing ideas with you (to help your addiction, haha just kidding.). But serious, I want to give you  ideas a wedding photographer and past bride deemed valuable and important enough to share. I want to offer a lot of DIY wedding ideas and unique wedding ideas.

Annnnd….if you find you love my photography hit me up! I’d love to meet you and talk about photographing your colorado or denver wedding. 😉

Today, I want to share a great idea of what to do with those flowers after your wedding! If you’are a girl who wants to freeze them, or save them because you find dead flowers to be ugly. I have a great ideas for you.


Wedding Idea #1 Donate Wedding Flowers

Donate you’re flowers after the wedding to a nursing home or hospital. It is simple as that. Coordinate a family or friend to gather all the left over flower arrangements, bouquets and other wedding flowers. Then have them deliver them to a nursing home or hospital. What an amazing way to give back. 🙂

Wedding Ideas #1 {Donate Wedding Flowers} | Denver Wedding Photographer | Vintage Wedding Photography

More ideas coming next friday! 🙂

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