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Hair and Make Up Wedding Tips

Last year I did these interview with a few wedding vendors. My goal in doing these interviews is to give you brides a direct easy contact with real local denver wedding vendors without having to set up a million meetings to get the right info you need. Also, this is a great way for me to share some wonderful vendors that you should consider working with as you are planning your Colorado wedding! Today’s interview is with Brittany from Alchemy Artistry. I worked with Brittany and she was such a rock star for all that happened during the wedding I worked with her. She is super friendly, easy going and easy to talk to, which is great if you need that level of comfort with your make-up artist. 🙂

Tips for hiring the right make-up artist for your wedding day and why you need to hire a professional

Do I really need to hire a make up artist for my wedding day, I’ve been doing my own make up for over 15 years?

  • Well that all depends on how comfortable you are with your skill, if you’re going to feel ok and completely happy with your makeup (and allow yourself the time  needed without rushing) to do it yourself. If you already use or plan to purchase all of the new products necessary to make sure that your  makeup lasts all day through possible rain, tears, sweat, hugs and kisses etc. as well as looks great on camera. A professional makeup artist (should) come with products that are weather and photo ready.

How long should I plan to have my make up?

  • All artists are different. I have weddings booked through the next year and a half , but i do occasionally have last minute availability or am able to do more than 1 wedding party in a day. It’s really hard to nail down a span of time that would work because it really is just hit or miss when it comes to scheduling. But I would say, start booking your hair and makeup soon after you’ve got your date and venue set, dress picked out, and have your bridal party set. I’ve been contacted 2 weeks before a wedding and (magically) have been able to work it out, and I’ve been contacted a year before the wedding date, before the photographer had even been picked, and not had availability for that exact date. It just depends, so do your research even if it seems too early so you can find a great fit for your style instead of just picking someone who’s available for your date

Should I do a trial run with my make-up artist?

  • YES YES, ABSOLUTELY YES! This is great for you, this is even better for your makeup artist. I typically book trials anywhere from 2-12 weeks out from the wedding date and I book each appointment for 2 and a half hours. Has it ever taken that long? Nope, not in my 7 years of doing hair and makeup, but I need to allow enough time for myself and for my client to ask as many questions, to go over as many looks, and plan out all the details so that way there is no time wasted on the day of the wedding. I take a before and a ton of after photos and send them to my brides afterwards to that they have the photos to look at in the time before the wedding, if there are any changes that she would like to make, we can make those changes on the day of.

To find a good make up artist what should my ideal budget be?

  • This will depend greatly on your area. I would say anywhere from $75-$120 is pretty normal for bridal makeup only. But don’t base your opinions on pricing alone. I keep my prices on the lower side even though I know that I should be charging more for my services due to my skill level and expertise in my field. However, I firmly believe that all brides should at least get the chance to have the full wedding day glam experience, and being a little bit more affordable makes that possible!

How do I separate the right make up artist for me from all the rest?

  • Before your trial, before placing your deposit, during the beginning stages of looking around for an artist, once you narrow down a few who’s work you LOVE, pay attention to the interactions you have with each one you contact, whether it be via email or a phone conversation, try to find someone who you feel comfortable communicating with. Your artist is going to be with you during some of your most happy and vulnerable moments on your wedding day. He/She will be with you and your family/friends, I would recommend choosing someone you don’t mind hanging out with for a few hours, especially under circumstances that could be a little bit (or a lot) stressful.

When meeting with or contacting a make up artist what is one question I should ask them and why?

  • I would say this is probably the most important question to ask, after asking if they are available for your wedding date: “How large of a bridal party can you accommodate and how long will it take for our makeup to be completed?” This will give you and your artist a chance to make decisions on time frame for the day of your wedding.

What makes your business stand apart from other make up artists?

  • Aside from absolutely having a passion for what I do, I have a passion for love and weddings. Your big day is a pretty big deal to me, and I want you to look perfect probably even more than you want to look perfect. I’m easy to work with, and pretty friendly. I try to be completely flexible for my clients and strive to provide an experience  that is stress free and, well beautiful, cause that’s what I’m really really good at. 🙂

This is the one day I want to go perfectly, any simple advice?

  • During your wedding day preparations, don’t feel obligated to have anyone around you that doesn’t make you feel amazing, happy, and beautiful. Seriously, you need only positive energy around and if you don’t want your cousin’s best friend’s aunt around while you’re getting ready, they don’t need to be. Trust me.
  • Drink lots of water and REALLY eat something, even if you feel like you don’t need to, You do.
  • Let anyone else do things for you when possible. Your loving family and friends want nothing more than for you to have a fun, perfect day. Let them help. they always WANT to help. You’re not asking too much. Just take my word for it.
  • Smile. Cry happy tears. Hug every single person if you feel you need to. Just be in the moment.

Tips for hiring the right make-up artist for your wedding day and why you need to hire a professional

If you like what you hear about Alchemy Artistry, head on over to Brittany’s website to learn more about what she offers brides:


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