Wedding Ideas #9 {Wedding Invitations | Personalized vs a Template}

If you are anything like me then you are probably a bride that wants everything unique and its no wonder you won’t be able to find any wedding invitation you’ll love if you are looking through templates.
While I cannot argue why it is  most cost-effect to get a personalized wedding invitation I can say that it is an ideal situation to have a graphic artist design an invitation for you. I know getting an invitation designed will not be as affordable as going to Hobby Lobby and buying the print you’re own but I do know that no one else will have your invitation. It will be something you cherish beyond sending them in the mail.

I am happy to say that I do offer all of my brides personalized wedding invitations, save the dates and programs. I have a deep love for graphic design and adore designing products for my brides. Just as I strive to capture each couple uniquely I strive to portray each couple through their style in designing products.

If you’re a fashion or trendy person by any means then having an invitation set the feel for your wedding is key. And what better way than having it custom made for you! 🙂

I have two examples I want to share with you. The first same was for Kate & Evan (who’s wedding you can see here). When I first sat down with Kate she talked about how she wanted it simple but graphic. After getting to know her and Evan a little more I found this style them fit perfectly. Being easy-going and fun people its not surprise they asked for this style. When Kate first used the word graphic I immediate thought I could have a a lot fun with typography here. (If you’ve never heard that term before it is basically the style arrangement of type.) I feel like most designers are in love with typography and wish it would spill into all the ways we use words in writing. (At least I can definitely say that for myself.)

Below are the samples of their save the date, invitation, and rsvp card. I just absolutely loved how they turned out and know they were very happy with them themselves  (Also, a great perk of having a graphic designer design your wedding paper is you can normally get an awesome logo designed for you and your spouse! 🙂 So neat!)

Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Wedding Invitations Photo Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Wedding Invitations Photo Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Wedding Invitations Photo

I also want to share with you Elyssa and Matt’s invitation and rsvp card. (If you’re curious you can see their wedding here.) As I’m writing this blog I keep thinking about what Elyssa’s mom said when she saw a proof. “These are SO YOU guys!” If you go look at their wedding you’ll see these invitations fit them to a T. Also, they got a free-bee logo, well two actually! 😉

Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Wedding Invitations Photo Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Wedding Invitations Photo


If you are a bride for this year and want a custom designed invitation let me know! I’d LOVE to design yours! Or if you’ve already booked your wedding photographer, I’d love to design invitations for you too. 🙂 I can say for sure that I’m not SUPER  expensive, but I think very reasonable for getting a personalized wedding invitation! 😉

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