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Wedding Ideas #17 {Remembering Passed Loved Ones at Your Wedding}

Holidays, birthdays and big events can be extremely hard if you’ve ever lost someone you love dearly. Then when it comes to your wedding, and they cannot be there, it is always heart-breaking. But there is hope to remember those deceased loved ones in a very intimate and personal way.
I’ve seen many brides leave an empty chair for their beloved deceased but one I just recently saw in one of my own brides was a small photo charm of her deceased cousin in her bouquet. I love this so much because they are with you through the whole day, and not just on an empty chair in the room.

Wedding Ideas | Remembering Passed Loved Ones Photo | Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer Photo

Wedding Ideas | Remembering Passed Loved Ones Photo | Vintage Wedding Photography | Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer Photo

I know when I was married I was sincerely sad my own cousin and both grandfathers couldn’t be there because they all had left us already. I wish I would have done this for them, but I know they were joyfully watching, no longer in pain from their earthly ailments.


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