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I’ve been meaning to start this blog series to help brides plan their weddings, and I figured now is when most brides are planning their weddings, so what better timing than to start this blog series now! 🙂
I’m going to try weekly, or a couple times a week, to post some helpful tips. Most of them will be related to what I know as a photographer, since I’ve only planned one wedding myself. 😉 Anyway, I hope you find these tips helpful and pass them along to other brides you know!

Tip 1: Picking your Venue.

One of the first thing most couples do is a pick a venue. This is so important because the closer today’s date is to your wedding the less chances you’ll have to book a stunning venue.
From a photographers point of view I highly suggest looking at the lighting of the venue. Is it bright and well lit, or is it dark?

I know most couples want a romantic wedding so they thing dark low lighting. But really what that means for a photographer is a lot of equipement. Low lit venues are a wedding photographers nightmare…or atleast mine. Even though these place might be super romantic, they are not ideal for weddings. Why?! You might be asking….

Well low lighting means no one can see very far, guest will have a hard time knowing what is going on because they cannot see. Chances are you will not have stunning photographs that don’t look posed or natural, this is because photographers will have to use their own lighting to get any photographs. Now, these could be neat for a few shots, but not for your entire wedding. Trust me on this. I was married in a church with really romantic lighting. Our set up was beautiful, but our photographs not so much, and this wasn’t because we didn’t hire a good photographer, it was simple because it was dark.

So lesson of this tip, venues with beautiful lighting…(natural lighthing) are going to make for some of the most beautiful weddings, and wedding photographs…

I particuallarly love the Hotel Albquerque. 🙂


and Los Poblanos. 🙂

generally outside is going to be gorgeous, unless you are in the dump. 😉 haha.


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