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Studio at Overland Crossing Venue Interview

Best Denver Wedding Venues | Where to get Married in Denver The Studio at Overland Corssing Wedding Photo

I am so excited to have a few denver wedding venue’s do this interview this year. Today we have Kim from The Studios at Overland Crossing. The Studios at Overland Crossing is such a lovely venue in the heart of Denver. I love the old brick build it is in yet the modern look it has!  Best Denver Wedding Venues | Where to get Married in Denver The Studio at Overland Corssing Wedding PhotoBefore I take the time out of my busy schedule to tour a venue what should I look for online or in contacting a venue?

  • The very first thing to check out when contacting a venue is whether they have your date available and what else is going on before or after your event. I have worked as an event manager for over 20 years and my biggest pet peeve is being rushed in and out of a venue. My policy is to not book more than one event on a weekend. If your wedding/reception is on Saturday, I set aside Friday (and even Thursday if we don’t have anything else going on and you have a lot of other plans for Friday) for you to come and decorate the venue at your leisure. It is extremely important that the venue looks the way you want it to look. Also, instead of being rushed out at the end of your evening I will set aside time on Sunday for you (well, not the bride or groom, but their friends or family members) to come back and load out all of your things that you don’t want to haul away. This is such a special day I don’t want to have it ruined by having the bridal party stress about clearing out at the end of the night.

To find a good venue what should my ideal budget be?

  • There are so many different venues all with their own costs. Instead of looking at the venue budget first and then trying to find one within your budget, I would suggest taking the time to look at different categories of venues before setting your budget. I had one couple that wanted to have their reception in a country club setting until they came to an event at the studios, which is a very different feel. They decided the country club was more their parents’ atmosphere and the urban-industrial feel of the studios matched them as a couple better. Take your time choosing the venue; it is the most important decision you can make, after of course saying “I do”.

How do I separate the right venue for me from all the rest?

  • The best way to find a venue that suits you is to spend time looking at different types of venues. Do the old-fashoined Pro & Con list when you visit spaces. Keep in mind the limitations of each venue (there is no perfect venue). For example, if you love an outdoor space, you’ll need to check the local jurisdiction for required permits; you’ll need to have a bad weather plan (even if it’s just having umbrellas available); check to see if you can reserve the entire space, or will there be a pick up Ultimate Frisbee game going on during your vows; do you need to rent audio equipment, etc. Be creative and make it personal to you as a couple. As you go through out your daily life, keep an eye open for special spaces and if you like a space, even if it is non-traditional, ask if they will rent it out for your event.

When meeting with or contacting a venue what is one question I should ask them and why?

  • After you’ve narrowed down a list of 4-5 potential venues, make an appointment to visit the site. Plan to spend at least 45 minutes to an hour with the site director. There are several questions you’ll want answers to, but the two most important are what is going at the venue the day of your event and what are all the fees and charges. You don’t want to experience “budget creep” after you sign your contract and put down a deposit.

What makes your venue stand apart from other venues?

  • The Studios at Overland Crossing is a new venue in an old building (originally built in 1880). The owners of the venue have other income streams and revenue from events is not their first priority. For this reason, we only schedule one event per weekend, which means our equipment stays fresh and new; our building is gently cared for; our staff is dedicated to your event (you are not just filling a spot on the calendar); and we genuinely care about making your wedding/reception go as smoothly as possible. Since I have been on the other side of event management for many years, I see events from your perspective and want every event a wonderful memory.

This is the one day I want to go perfectly, any simple advice?

  • With the above in mind – I know after 20+ years in event management that no event will go off without something going amiss. You can plan for and mitigate every foreseen eventuality, but your expectation needs to be that everything will not go perfectly – and in the end it doesn’t matter because the most important thing is sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience with people who love you and want the best for you. One practical piece of advise, spend the extra money to hire a day-of planner. You will be surprised how much stress it takes off of you knowing that a professional is looking out for all the details.

To get more info about The Studios at Overland Crossing you can visit their website here.

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