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Romantic Couple In The Rain | Colorado Engagement Photo

Holy cow I cannot get enough of these two sweet hearts and their rainy mountain winter engagementphotos! I cannot stop staring at the photos. I cannot stop talking about the day!

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Danielle & Mark contacted me saying they would be in Colorado and wanted to take their engagement photos up in the mountains in between their ski adventures. While they didn’t want photos actually skiing they wanted to capture the beauty that is out here, Imean who wouldn’t!?

After too many emails and a million hoops to jump through with photo permits we finally decided on the town of Vail. Then came the day of, it was forecasted to rain. Yes rain, in the cold wet snow, not fluffy snow but wet rain in March.

Danielle called me saying they were willing but just needed confirmation that it would be ok. She sweetly shared that rain tends to follow them and they have quite the library of stories involving rainy days together. I felt awful for these guys but told them that I’ve done it before and if they are willing I’m willing. I grabbed my flash, rain gear (aka plastic bags to cover my gear), and head out to meet them in Vail.

When we got there it thankfully hadn’t started raining yet, but sure enough a few minutes in it started to drizzle. Thankfully the rain was just the rain Colorado is know for, the light non-threatening sprinkling that clears up in five seconds.

While it started to rain I immediate grabbed my flash out to capture the glisten of the rain. I really wanted to make it seem magical for them despite getting wet.

Well, I fiddled with my gear for too long after having a radio trigger for my flash fail. Danielle & Mark were so patient and kind with me as they waited for me to get things working. After a few minutes I decided to ditch my flash and just move on.

Then, the sun came out. Seriously, God told me He has this and it will be His glory to be known not my skills. Sigh, I was almost in tears because it was BEYOND beautiful than anything I could have fabricated with my one little flash. Praise the Lord! His majesty is beyond words.

The rest of our time together was so sweet. I loved capturing Danielle & Mark’s affections and silliness together. I love how willing there were to be up for almost anything I suggested which resulted in standing on a slippery rock, standing on an edge of a bridge, standing in the water, and well Mark getting a few war wounds. Needless to say they worked for these photos to be as beautiful as they are.

Thank you Danielle and Mark for being so patient with me and giving me the great honor of capturing your love.



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